The Outdoor Refugee Trust is a charitable organization dedicated to providing the opportunity for refugees of all ages to experience the outdoors.  We believe that the outdoors is a shared space where everyone should have a chance to pursue, to explore, and to find a different kind of escape.

The Outdoor Refugee Trust exists to provide funding for first-generation refugees through grants to support their outdoor aspirations and pursuits. Whether it’s learning how to rock climb for the first time at an indoor wall in America, or returning to their overseas homeland to trek remote villages, we believe we have a responsibility to provide these experiences for those displaced by war, persecution, or violence.

How It Began

Trúc Nguyen Allen immigrated to the United States with his mother in 1980 as refugees of the Vietnam War. Through an uncompromising work ethic, Trúc’s mother created a life where he could experience and develop his insatiable passion for the outdoors.

Over the decades, Trúc came to realize that he was provided an opportunity that few who shared his beginnings were fortunate enough to experience. It was with this epiphany that his vision of the Outdoor Refugee Trust was developed.

Today, Trúc is a Seattle based professional backcountry adventure photographer and dedicates his time between family, adventure pursuits, the Outdoor Refugee Trust, as well as several local to international non-profit organizations where he’s led charitable and fundraising events for over 8 years.

Join the Effort

Every year, the Outdoor Refugee Trust will provide the opportunity for grants through a once a year, set application period. 30 days following the closing of the application period, a review and selection panel will chose eligible recipients, as well as determine funding amounts to be awarded.

Together, with your contributions we can provide first-generation refugees and their families with the opportunities to experience the wonder and freedom of the outdoors.  Consider joining our effort today. If you’re interested in more information or would like to become a donor, please send us an email through our contact info page or to – we promise we’ll respond just as fast as if you emailed the founder himself!

Thank you for your interest in the Trust and we look forward to working with you as we progress in developing the organization.